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As an Accountant, qualify Registered Tax Preparer/An Authorized IRS e-file Provider (Provider) with IRS, I specialize with Individual & Business Services: Accounting , Tax preparation, Bookkeeping, Bill Payments and other services. Contact me for more information.

Why pay high fees to get your own money back, low fees starting from $50.00 and up, door to door service available at no additional charges, I come to you if applicable, contact me for Affordable Service Fees.Tax Preparation: Electronic filing-Direct Deposit-Low Fees . Accounting/Bookkeeping Services (remote bookkeeping service available,from any location,call for more information

Get all your reports done, paid by the work and not the hours.

Get your Business ,Manage Accounts Receivable,Manage Account Payable,
Reconciliation ,Inventory,Expense and Purchases ,reports current and up to date.

Sherine Lewis
Accountant,a Registered Tax Preparer/
An Authorized IRS e-file Provider (Provider)
My zip code reference check is 33313, Select this link.

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Bookkeeping/Accounting Services

Profit and Loss
Statement of Cash Flows
Balance Sheet Summary
Balance Sheet
Collections Report
Invoice List
A/R Summary
A/P Summary
Unpaid Bills
Bill Payments
Accounting Listing
General Ledger
Inventory Summary
Income Tax-Business & Personal
Sales/Services Summary